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Land Investment

Monest land investment as a carrier, or as an object of investment land, the land location of land by a professional team, land property, timing, tax planning and financial analysis to predict assess the market risk control and demand

Real-Estate Development

Monest Investment land according to nature, be residential development, commercial real estate development, leisure facilities development, industrial real estate development and other investments. Full supervision to assess control risk, higher return on investment for clients

Education and student apartment investment

Investing in student apartments. In recent years, student apartments rising demand, record high rents, rental yields high return, low rate of vacant housing, student housing investment is absolutely easy way to invest

Syndicated Investment

Combined with a number of investors to invest in quality projects to make up for individual investment in the size of the lack of funds and better take the initiative to control investment risk. Suitable for early investors want to do tentative investment or less investment



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