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Residential Mortgage

Purchasing your first home or a new home could be one of the most rewarding experiences in your life. Monest would give you a hand when you are facing various choices, and help you make an optimal decision, which would make a positive impact for your future life.

Land Loan

When the borrowers are planning to purchase a piece of land and the amount of their capital is not enough to cover the price, they would like to borrow from financial institutions or individual investors. The borrower could construct buildings or resell the land.

Private Loan

Private Loan is provied by individual investors or individual companies to borrower. The process would be ensured by professional appraisers and registered lawyers. Monest would suggest and analyze more specificly according to your financial status, helping you find a suitable plan.

Commercial Mortgage

Commercial Mortgage is a mortgage financing by chartered banks or other financial institutions. Commercial mortgages are available to clients who are searching for financing to cover costs for purchases of commercial buildings, fuel stations, multi-family units and apartment buildings.

Construction Loan

After the borrowers have purchased the land, they need to finance the process of construction. The constructed property would be resold to make profit and to repay the loan.

Syndicated Mortgage

Syndicated mortgage is a special form of private loan. The difference is syndicated mortgage is financed by multiple individuals. the amount of the fund would be in small scale and the minimum threshold is low.




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