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Monest Financial Group Inc. is a real estate finance group which focuses on real estate investment, financing and housing loans, commercial loans, land&construction loans and other business scope of comprehensive, which is a rapid developing real estate finance group. Committed to all types of real estate projects for investors, building a solid sound real estate investment financial services platform. 

Monest Financial Group Inc. is member of the Canadian Association of Mortgage Brokers and Loans (CIMBL) and the Independent Mortgage Brokers Association of Canada (IMBA). Our company was founded in 2002 and currently has 198 professional loan brokers and cooperates with 89 banks and financial institutions. We cooperate with more than 10 real estate development companies, we financed nearly 30 real estate development projects . 

Monest Financial Group Inc.'s Loan Company, a leading member of Canada's largest mortgage group centum, has been a sales champion in the group since 2009. The quantity of housing mortgage loan always be similar to the other top cooperative business banks,like TD Bank, Scotia Bank, the National Bank and etc. Monest Financial Group Inc.'s Capital Company is divided into commercial property funds and property management and real estate development financing. Monest Financial Group Inc. Capital has completed a variety of financing investment projects over  billions dollars. Real Estate Development Project Financing obtained Canada's largest joint loan company top performance award. 

Monest Financial Group Inc. financial mortgage to the property as a private lending business, after 17 years of history, has accumulated rich experience and good reputation. We achieve an average return of 8% in 17 years without record of bad debts. Our investment Team, with rich industry experience, insight into the economic and real estate trending, the bank's policy, to provide objective analysis, professional planning and optimal solutions to ensure to maximize the interests of our customers. Our investment team are trusted and praised deeply by customers and the community. Honesty, diligence, professionalism and win-win are our business philosophy; The customers are attracted to the heart, the employees are satisfied, the investors are assured are our code of conduct. It is our true wish to build a capital bridge between Chinese and Canadian .Helping Chinese people have a better life in Canada is our true wish.To be the best in Canada real estate financial services is our constant pursuit!  


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